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The Most Electrifying E.P by SWIDT

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Onehungas own SWIDT release their 6 song E.P The Most Electrifying.

Their style is in the same contemporary direction as American Superstars J Cole and Migos but with SWIDT’s exceptional talent of translating their big personalities, humour, wit and vibe to their records.  SWIDT are very New Zealand. Very Auckland and very Polynesian. They have a Polynesian sound to their music which almost seeps in unintentionally, but gives them the edge when it comes to an original sound.

SWIDT have a beat maker as part of the team and It really helps further define their sound. Smokey got beats is an exceptional beat smith. I love his sound. It’s crisp, bass heavy and sparse and it holds the rappers bars well. He is a huge part of the consistent world class sound of SWIDT.

SWIDT dropped their current E.P on July 27th, keeping them in the public eye and ensuring no one forgets “Who Run It”. Which just so happens to be the name of track number 1 on the E.P. Who Run It is a lumbering bass heavy giant of a track featuring that witty word play that SWIDT are so well known for. 

Track 2 switches it up with No Emotions In The Wild which changes the mood for a moment with a contemplative and heart felt R&B type feel, before It breaks into the second half of the song.The wild part. With an energetic pace and hard delivery which turns the whole feeling on its head. Almost like two different songs with only the lyrical theme tying them together. I really like this songwriting technique. It’s like having a warm shower then someone turning on the cold tap. It startles you a bit but really wakes you up.

Track 3 Praise is one of those reminiscing tracks. looking back at where they started, Freestyling at Khuja Lounge and catching the bus to the city.

Mood is a sassy little number. Jazzy in feel with a laidback smokey female vocal on the hook. Being from the same city of Auckland New Zealand as me, really helps SWIDT in my estimation of them, when they drop inside jokes like “Bye Felisha” I give a smirk of recognition.

Henny Freestyle is an attitude packed Trap banger. I’m not in tune enough with SWIDT to know by ear which rapper does what verses yet, but I can tell you besides their immaculate word play they really pack in some intricate rhythms. Skilfully riding the sparse bass music soundscape off into the sunset of my imagination.

Facts is an autotuned, raga infused, slow dreamy and very floaty bass banger. What the kids are calling “Wavy”.

SWIDT are flexing their talent muscles for all to see. This is not only world class, these songs are better than a lot of contemporary Hip-Hop in general and best of all SWIDT is Hip Hop taylormade for New Zealanders. If you’re from Auckland you’re really going to relate to the content. Almost a treat from music this good.

So If you’re a Hip Hop fan get on Spotify and check it out.






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